Glasstress: White Light/White Heat

I am just on my way to Venice to see an exciting exhibition we have been working on which will be opening during the Venice Biennale.
White Light/White Heat is a development of Glasstress, concieved by Adriano Berengo, president of the Berengo Glass Studio and Venice Projects.
This latest exhibition is a dramatic expansion of the original Glasstress concept, launched in 2009, to include London College of Fashion and The Wallace Collection working in collaboration with Berengo Glass Studio. New work has been conceived and produced for the exhibition which is jointly curated by Adriano Berengo and James Putnam, Senior Research Fellow at the college.

Polly Afelbaum, I Tip My Hat to You, 2013. Venetian glass. courtesy: Berengo
Exploring the boundaries of fashion and fine arts through the medium of glass, this exhibition focuses on the relationship between the artists and designer, craft skills and curatorial practice. This important collaboration offers a unique opportunity to reinterpret the rich tradition of glass in Murano alongside The Wallace Collection, a world leading museum with an exquisite glass collection. And not least the cutting edge environment of London college of Fashion where traditional notions of fashion are challenged every day.
We wanted to create a collaboration with Berengo Studio and The Wallace Collection to change to perceptions about the disciplines of craftsmanship, glassmaking and fashion. Fashion is a transformation medium and such transformation of raw material is also reflected here in this exhibition. There is exciting alchemy at work!