Masculinities by Ben Whyman

As the month of January is all about menswear, I decided to ask our Manager of the Centre for Fashion Curation, Ben Whyman about the concept of masculinities and the breadth of research taking place at… View Full Post

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Sustainability: Research

Research is vital in any educational setting, as it is ultimately what challenges preconceptions and expands our imaginations. At LCF, the pioneering research of staff such as Dr Kate Fletcher, Professor Helen Storey and Professor… View Full Post

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Opinion: Fashion in Prisons

Most of the people from the college who have collaborated with the Fashion Education in Prison project say it opened their eyes to the complexity of the criminal justice system. Working with the offenders as… View Full Post

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London Fashion Week 2014

London Fashion Week has been changing. The capital has long been recognized as a crucible of new talent, built on the experience and expertise of its great art schools and fashion education system. However, too… View Full Post

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Green Week: Our Bees

It often surprises me where our students take their inspiration from… “I had a meeting on the top floor of John Prince’s Street and noticed that there were beekeepers out tending to a hive. I… View Full Post

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