London Fashion Week 2014

London Fashion Week has been changing. The capital has long been recognized as a crucible of new talent, built on the experience and expertise of its great art schools and fashion education system. However, too… View Full Post

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Glasstress: White Light/White Heat

I am just on my way to Venice to see an exciting exhibition we have been working on which will be opening during the Venice Biennale. White Light/White Heat is a development of Glasstress, concieved… View Full Post

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International Women's Day 2013

To celebrate International Women’s Day this month I though it would be an idea to share the opinions of my female colleagues here. Dr Djurdja Bartlett is a Senior Research Fellow here at London College… View Full Post

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Head On (Fashion Space Gallery)

An exciting programme of events in the Fashion Space Gallery, entitled ‘Elements of Fashion’ continues with Head On. From the Fashion Space Gallery curators Gemma Williams and Leanne Wierzba: “Hats have historically played an important… View Full Post

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