Head On (Fashion Space Gallery)

An exciting programme of events in the Fashion Space Gallery, entitled ‘Elements of Fashion’ continues with Head On.

From the Fashion Space Gallery curators Gemma Williams and Leanne Wierzba:

“Hats have historically played an important role in fashion, as practical conceits, visible symbols of propriety and class, and vehicles for adornment. While contemporary society no longer dictates the daily use of hats, the appetite for millinery on the catwalk, in editorial and even on the high street, continues to flourish. Head On investigates this new space occupied by women’s decorative millinery, situating headwear within the context of a total look and thereby addressing its relationship to body and hair. The exhibition also showcases contemporary interpretations and subversions of headwear, exploring their dynamic role in fashion styling.”

The Exhibition continues until 23 March 2013.
Fashion Space Gallery