Diana Vreeland

Looking at a series of quotes by Diana Vreeland, one of my favourites is where she celebrates vulgarity-

“ Vulgarity is a very important ingredient in life. I’m a great believer in vulgarity- if it’s got life…..no taste is what I’m against.”

I sometimes wonder if all the choice and instant access to garments and accessories wherever we are and at any time of day or night means we have stopped thinking about what we wear and what it means to have taste or even what it means to be vulgar. Linda Grant in writing about her mother and how she built up her approach to clothes describes how she

“ learned her taste from a variety of sources, such as reading magazines and listening to friends recommendations, but above all she spent a great deal of time actually in the shops, looking at things and learning how to discern the good, the bad and the very best”.

Maybe we just need to make more effort as surely no taste and no effort is what we need to avoid.