For some years Boudicca (aka Zowie Broach and Brian Kirby) have had a close relationship with London College of Fashion, contributing to conferences, projects and helping in the selection of students for catwalk shows. Well known nationally and internationally for the quality of their tailoring, use of fabrics and of technology – in particular film and digital – they are highly respected British designers. I think they continue to be so influential because they reference a lifetime’s exploration of art, literature and contemporary culture, balancing that with creating sharp, focused and directional clothes.
My visit to their studio this week was insightful because it showed so clearly how they use their knowledge and references to push the language of fashion. Unafraid to challenge the current industry model, they make us, as consumers of fashion, question our motives and attitudes to clothes. They have a loyal following of collectors, whilst their influence world wide is being recognised by curators of fashion – with exhibitions in Chicago and Tel Aviv- I urge everyone to look at their website and recognise their significance.