The Centre for Sustainable Fashion are the proud owners of the Ethical Fashion Forum 2012 SOURCE Award in the Education category. Judged by an impressive panel the award recognises the centre’s commitment to integrating sustainability into the heart of fashion education, and creating ambassadors for sustainability in the fashion industry.

Renée Lacroix. MA Fashion and the Environment
As we approach the Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s 5 year anniversary this is a timely reminder of what we set out to achieve.
Linking research, education and business the centre supports the transformation of the industry through sustainable business development. Sustainable practices are not an optional add on- but a fundamental requirement for any business to compete in commercial and resource terms in the fashion industry today.
It is clear that 5 years on sustainable fashion is not just a passing trend. It is proving to be a theme that is assertively weaving its way into the very fabric of our industry. It’s up to us provide the inspired professionals who can contribute towards the industry’s sustainable future.
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