VIN + OMI and London College of Fashion launch BIN 2 BODY

BIN 2 BODY is a collaborative project to turn single use plastic bottles, collected during London Men’s Fashion Week , into fashion which will be showcased at the next VIN + OMI show in September.
The focus in London, highlighted by the recent Mayor of London’s campaign, is to encourage consumers to use much less single use plastic and ideally to use a reusable bottle for water. London currently has the worst recycling rate in the UK, 32% compared to a national average of 43% * and while single use plastic is still in circulation we need to look at other ways in which we can recycle and use existing waste plastic.
VIN + OMI and London College of Fashion, UAL  placed collection bins at London Fashion Week Men’s. These beautiful bespoke bins designed by students studying fashion bags & accessories, illustration and 3D production for fashion and performance, collected used plastic water bottles. The bottles were collected daily and will be sent to be processed into plastic flake and pellets and further processed into new rPET textiles with a low microfibre release.
The project is supported by leading art suppliers Daler Rowney who are supporting the making of the student designed plastic bottle collection bins. Paper Round, the capital’s leading recycling service, will also be supporting the project.


Once the textile has been processed from the waste plastic, VIN + OMI will be working with LCF students to develop the new textiles into fashion and accessories to act as an adjunct to the VIN + OMI fashion show in September which will be held at an iconic London landmark. VIN + OMI will also be holding workshops and mentoring the students throughout the process.
This project aims to highlight the abundance of plastic that London uses without thinking of its damage to our environment, whilst supporting the Mayor of London’s initiative to reduce single use plastic and to encourage Londoners to refill a reusable bottle. It wants to bring awareness of recycling options to LFWM and tie in with the BFC’s Positive Fashion initiative. Finally, to also develop an educational programme with London College of Fashion, UAL for their students who can follow the process from recycling to catwalk.
We at LCF are delighted to be working with Vin + Omi on a project which highlights the need to drastically reduce the prevalence of single use plastic. Through this project we hope to raise awareness about this urgent issue and demonstrate that fashion can be a powerful tool in helping to drive change and build a sustainable future – and in turn improve all of our lives and safeguard our industry for future generations.