The Goldsmiths community – thank you

These really are unprecedented times for us all, personally, professionally and for our community. As Goldsmiths Professor Tim Crook highlighted in a recent blog post, the Goldsmiths campus hasn’t been this empty since the outbreak of World War Two in September 1939, when most staff and students relocated to University College Nottingham to see out the War.

Colleagues at Goldsmiths are working hard to keep our remaining students and campus safe and secure. Teaching staff are delivering online content to keep our students learning, and all are quickly adapting to new ways of working to keep the College running. And all of this at a time when we must focus on keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. Unlike in 1939, it’s an invisible threat we face.

Our daily lives have changed in ways we could not have imagined just a few months ago, and I am incredibly grateful to every member of the Goldsmiths community for the role they are playing in getting us through this.

As we approach the Easter break, I hope you can all take some time for yourself to rest and recharge. Thank you. Stay safe.