Sustainability: CSF Consultancy

Changing what we teach and how we learn is one of the greatest contributions an educational establishment can make. Although we want to change outlooks on education here at LCF, making sustainability a key part of the curriculum, we also want to influence change in the industry.

Our Centre for Sustainable Fashion aims to not only set new agendas in government by driving legislative change, but also work with businesses, small and large, to guide sustainability strategy.

CSF offers a range of consultancy services to external organisations, ranging from the development of sustainability strategy at an executive level to the delivery of products and services, in partnership with design and marketing teams.

Since it was established it has collaborated with Oxfam, Tabeisa, Unilever, Arup, Defra, and the Indian government. It aims to work with all levels of the fashion industry to educate, innovate and create momentum for change.

One of the major businesses CSF have worked with is Nike, who came to CSF with a question: How can we de-couple successful design from the degradation of nature?  They wanted to improve their material choices to decrease the effect they have on the environment, whilst still maintaining their honed aesthetic.


The launch of the MAKING app July 2013. Image via CSF

The result of the collaboration between CSF and Nike was the development of a new app: MAKING – a tool to inspire designers and creators to make better choices in the materials they use.

Whether you are a designer, a product creator, or just interested in the impacts of the materials you use, the app provides the information to help you make more informed material choices.

The first version of the Making app was launched in July 2013 and you can download it here

But it’s not just large companies that CSF work with, they also recognise the importance of working with pioneering start ups to uncover and evolve creativity and innovation.

To showcase the unique network of creative small businesses who have been supported by CSF, the team conceived i-Sustain, a year long collaboration with i-D magazine.

Each feature in the magazine was inspired by the work of a different designer linked to CSF and set out to question the way we purchase and wear fashion and promote considered consumption.


Image from i-Sustain project via Kerry Dean

The CSF are complementing our educational offer by influencing change in the industry. Their work shows how we might future proof our industry, by making it responsive, adaptable, profitable and ultimately sustainable.

We are  educating our students on the importance of sustainability , but until they graduate, it is CSF educating the industry on how we can create Better Lives.