SALT: It's time we stopped destroying the earth

This week I wrote a post for SALT magazine about the environmental issues the fashion industry must address.
In a world with rapidly depleting resources and increasing insecurity both politically and environmentally, I discuss what role, if any, the fashion industry can play in changing our course. Have a read here.
SALT is a new magazine exploring compassionate business thinking. It provides a platform for business leaders to change the collective mindset of the global business community and promote a more compassionate world, where business is a force for good.
Over the next few months, in the lead up to the UN Climate Conference, our Centre for Sustainable Fashion will be submitting pieces on a monthly basis setting out our work and vision on sustaining the environment.
Have a look at the rest of Salt Magazine’s offer – it’s an intelligent and thought provoking magazine and one that we at LCF hope to be working with on a regular basis going forward.