RIPOSTE: The women behind the scenes of the fashion industry

I received Riposte Magazine’s latest offering in the post this morning, and although none of us feel quite comfortable seeing a full sized photo of ourselves in print, I have to say, it’s a pleasure to be a part of!
am featured as part of the ‘In the know’ series about the women behind the scenes of the fashion industry. I spoke about the educational side of the industry and give my thoughts alongside the likes of Lou Stoppard (SHOWStudio), Ella Dror (Ella Dror PR) and Laura Jane Coulson (Photographer). 
The magazine itself is an excellent read, the sort of grown-up, female fashion title I enjoy.
I particularly liked the feature on Diana Kennedy ‘the Mick Jagger of Mexican food’. Her ideas on sustainable living, waste and the death of taste, reminded me of my own thoughts on fashion – I think in many ways the slow foods movement preceded and inspired the slow fashion one.
Diana fights to educate people to not expect the same produce year round, the effects of polluting the ocean with harmful plastics, and the need protect the biodiversity of our foods. Reading her interview I felt inspired and restored in my own beliefs.
Take a read yourself, you can find the fifth issue of the magazine here.