Molly Goddard (Now Gallery)

Since graduating in 2012, Molly Goddard has fast become one of London’s most exciting young designers, known for her tulle dresses and use of traditional techniques like pleating and smocking. Just this week I noticed that she launched her first footwear collection as part of collaboration with Topshop. On top of showing as part of LFW for the sixth time next month, she’s also holding an exhibition.
The show ‘What I Like’ features huge tulle dresses suspended from the ceiling of the Now Gallery in Greenwich.
molly goddard - now gallery
The tulle dresses could quite easily stand on their own with their grand scale and bright, neon colours. But instead of being hung to look at, Goddard’s dresses are designed to be embroidered, by everyone.
The dresses are hung on a pulley so that each can be raised or lowered to a height at which visitors can sit and embroider the dresses, eventually covering them entirely.
You are encouraged to embroider anything you like on them, but if, like me, your embroidery experience is limited, there are simple graphic instructions of embroidery stitches for all abilities on the gallery wall, which you can follow and interpret.
There is also a table of yarn, needles and scissors, so you don’t have to bring anything with you. There’s no excuse really not to join in.

I think this is such a relaxed and enjoyable way for people to be introduced to the craft of embroidery and may inspire them to look into other traditional techniques.
I also love how Goddard has taken a completely different approach to an exhibition. Rather than displaying things statically, the show has a much more community and inclusive feel with its focus on participation.
molly goddard - now gallery
It makes fashion more accessible and less intimidating if, instead of idolising garments, we can get involved in the creation of them.
I think many people will enjoy taking a moment out of their day to come and make a few stitches, whether an office worker taking a moment of meditation after work, a parent teaching their children after school or someone with a few minutes spare before a gig at the O2.
When the dresses are filled with creations they’ll be auctioned off to charity.
‘What I Like’ continues at the Now Gallery until 22nd February