MA Womenswear

For us here at LCF, London Fashion Week began last night with our annual MA Womenswear catwalk show at Royal College of Surgeons.
For me, it is important our students play a part in events like LFW, as the experience and inspiration they can gain, whether it be through interning, blogging or designing, is invaluable.
There is a very good piece in The Guardian today about how students are an integral part of the functioning of LFW and are in many ways, unsung heroes. The article has interviews with three of our students, Andreas Bucher (BA Womenswear), Monica Barleycorn (BA Fashion Management) and pattern-cutting graduate, Georgia Meramo.
Today I was told that more than half of the designers at London Fashion Week have studied at UAL, which again stresses the contribution of our students. It reminds us that we have the next generation of designers within our institutions, and if given the opportunities, they will be the ones leading events like LFW in a few years time.
Judging by the standard of work on show last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of our Womenswear students will be among those playing key roles in future LFWs.
Here are some snapshots of the show. For those who missed it, you can watch the show on live replay here