Opinion: Restless London

Over the years I have traveled to many fashion cities from the established – New York, Paris, Milan; the emerging – Shanghai; the influential – Antwerp – and those that used to weld influence – Chicago.
They all have particular characteristics and perspectives on fashion but none have the restlessness and energy that is London. I am aware that what I do is assess other fashion cities through London’s fashion prism as London epitomizes how the fashion industry relies on a complex and sophisticated set of relationships, connections and references.
Sibling. London Collections: Men SS15
This ecology gives London a fashion that is restless and edgy. Partly a product of its great history of trade; successive waves of immigrants who brought new and unique making and manufacturing skills and a history of inventive retailing it is also reliant on a culture of museums and galleries; theatre and performance, a great literature tradition and art school heritage. The result is new approaches to fashion media, commentary and design thinking.
These elements all exist in other cities but as the nature of fashion in a city is symbiotically linked to the metropolis that it grows out of; I would also argue that, the democratic, the love of the under-dog, the politically challenging disrespect of orthodoxy also infects the character of fashion in London.