Secret London: Museums

London is world renowned for the quality of its museums; from the British Museum, Pollock’s Toy Museum or the Freud Museum, it seems as though whatever your interests and curiosity there will be a museum to satisfy it.
The Foundling Museum Artifacts. The Foundling Museum
Whether you are a student or an established artist, designer, writer or professional from any creative discipline this great heritage and legacy helps to feed the creative and thought processes. If you had to chose the museum that you find the most creative and stimulating a place where you can really think and reflect – which one would it be?
I have three that I return to regularly and reflect my passion for collectors, history, ideas, objects as well as architecture, paintings and sculpture. They are all at times intimate and eccentric, are places where ideas and ideals are celebrated and they all reflect the personalities of their founders. The Wallace Collection, The Sir John Soane Museum and The Foundling Museum are mine.
What are yours?