Layer by Layer: The 3D Printer (Fashion Space Gallery)

I had a chance to see some of the digital printing today as part of the Layer by Layer Exhibition at Fashion Space Gallery.
This piece is a half printed sample of work created by Silvia Weidenbach. You can see the printers’s work, layer by layer.
This piece is designed using free form modelling which involved ‘hand’ modelling a virtual object uing a device called a haptic arm. Silvias work, on display in the exhibition until 18 May 2013, is a perfect example of how this techology can be used to create lush organic shapes.
The file is uploaded to Replicator G software where it is converted into G code and sent to print. The work is then printed, in this case, with a Makerbot Replicator 2 desktop 3D Printer.
The 3D printer works by heating up plastic filament stored on a spool and passing it through an extruder. Similar to an inkjet printer, the Makerbot draws the digial file on the build platform one layer at a time.
Layer by Layer is open until 18 May 2013 as Fashion Space Gallery.