International Women's Day 2015

I am a feminist and fashion enthusiast and for me as Head of London College of Fashion, ‘Make It Happen,’ the theme for International Women’s Day this year, couldn’t be more appropriate.
Raising awareness about the need for greater equality is an issue which is important to every woman on this planet; from equal pay to removing discriminatory practices that prevent and deter women from undertaking what are considered to be men’s jobs; equality is a fundamental human right. The future of the fashion industry – an industry dominated by women, excepting the upper echelons of management – hold real opportunities for greater equality and diversity.
Although many women have risen to the top of the fashion industry, and we celebrate their incredible contribution, the job is not done. We need to focus on the future and education plays an absolutely pivotal role in ‘Making it Happen’ and realising the creative and economic potential of thousands of women worldwide.