Travel: Florence

Florence is a truly beautiful city. Famous for it’s history, its not just the stunning architecture that reminds us of it’s historical importance as the birth place of the Renaissance. The human scale is something missing in many of our 21st century cities. Not to mention the encircling hills, the river, the quality of light and the enthusiasm and warmth of its peoples, where any aspect of life seems worthy of a proper and full discussion.
Reception Polimoda
Reception area at Polimoda
For me there is an over-riding sense of legacy. It’s a place that is driven by its history, more than anywhere else I have visited, by its unique and extraordinary cultural and creative influence on subsequent generations. What I found interesting was how this legacy of beauty and quality influences all aspects of life; food, wine, conversation, clothes. All seem touched by the idea that if you are going to do anything in life then this should reflect quality however that might be defined. It’s the perfect city for reflection; for ideas, for making you question how and why you do something, to what ends and for what purpose.
In May, Polimoda Florence’s fashion education institution is hosting the forthcoming IFFTI Annual Conference on fashion education.
Utilizing venues throughout the city e.g. Basillica of Santa Croce or the Museo Marino Marini, the conference will allow fashion educators to explore the ideas and concepts of history, tradition, great art and creators’ impact on cultural life both as restrictions and liberators of creativity. It’s a perfect combination.