Fashion Illustration (Fashion Space Gallery)

For a long time the relationship between illustration and fashion has been symbiotic. Designers used drawings to develop and communicate their ideas, whilst historically magazines relied on them to show the latest fashions to an eager and expectant audience. The spread of photography looked as though it would bring this to an end; however students have always embraced this medium and seen its value and potential as a means to explore ideas beyond just a drawing of garments. They have understood how in today’s global media world fashion illustration can reveal something more.

Jarno Kettunen. Boudicca
Over recent years a renaissance in fashion illustration has emerged. It’s almost as though the ubiquitous nature of photography, the use of smart phones and the increase in fashion-film has liberated fashion illustrators. Now they use their skills, creativity and insights to explore ideas about fashion beyond the clothes. Considering the illustrators selected for the exhibition in the Fashion Space Gallery this will be a strong and revealing motif running throughout the exhibition.
Go Figure. New Fashion Illustration 11.05.2012 – 14.07.2012
Fashion Space Gallery