Environmental Audit Committee Report

On behalf of London College of Fashion and personally, we are delighted and welcome the findings of the Environmental Audit Committee into the sustainability of the fashion industry – in particular the call to end the era of throwaway fashion and to strengthen the modern slavery act as well as encouraging schools to teach the creation and repairing of clothing.  

As a college we have focused our efforts around many of these issues for over 10 years – and played an active role alongside government as a voice for change. Education and skills play a vital role in helping to shape the fashion industry of the future – one which values both people and planet. As just one example, we have introduced a ground-breaking unit for all of our undergraduates which prepare our students for an industry which needs to re-think how it does business.

I hope that this report marks a turning point – as has been identified by Mary Creagh MP, a voluntary approach to sustainability has not worked – it’s now time for the UK fashion industry to lead by example.  With hugely talented designers such as Bethany Williams, who is showcasing her sustainable and socially conscious collection at London Fashion Week, the same day this report is released and who will be receiving the Queen Elizabeth Award II Award for Design (for more information see here) – I know that together we can ensure a fairer and more sustainable fashion industry.  

I am thrilled that the UK is taking the initiative to set the standard within the industry and although we do not have an easy fix, this is just the beginning to creating an increasingly more sustainable fashion supply chain and inevitably a more sustainable planet!

To take a look at the report visit here. Or keep up to date with the EAC visit their twitter page here.