INTELLIGENT LIFE: Inspiring Innovators

Last night I attended a private supper hosted by the Economist’s Intelligent Life Magazine for contributors to the ‘Inspiring Innovators’ feature.
Yohji Yamamoto Sketch
For this feature I wrote about Yohji Yamamoto. Other contributions were from the likes of David Lynch who wrote about on Mikhail Gromov, James Lovelock on Charles Harington and Melinda Gates on Mother Teresa. The contributors themselves were incredibly inspiring; and included, Tessa Ross, Sophie Wilson, Wendy Hall, Peter Sellars, Robert Winston, Jimmy Wales, Jazzie B, René Redzepi, Daphne Koller, Felix Barrett…
Innovation is one of the toughest challenges: How do we get our people to think creatively? How do we inspire people to challenge the status quo while still keeping everyday operations running smoothly? There are no reliable templates, rules, processes, or even measures of success. In a sense, each act of innovation is a unique feat, a leap of the individual, or the collective, imagination that can be neither predicted nor replicated. Innovation, in short, is anything but business as usual.
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