BA Season 2012 – The Shows

One of my favourite quotes is by the anthropologist Ted Polhemus. He writes very insightfully about fashion in all its guises but it is the one where he discusses youth culture that at the time of our end of year undergraduate shows seems so pertinent. He said that

“There isn’t going to be a next big thing because it’s all spinning off into a magnificent diversity… for the first time in our tribes’ history there is an unprecedented degree of personal creativity that’s coming from everywhere and anywhere.”

Reana Morris. BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear)

This is going to be acutely apparent in this years BA and FdA runway show and exhibition, which will be showcasing the creativity, diversity, optimism, thoughtfulness and exuberance of our students who come from across the world and from all walks of life. The work, some of which can be seen on the ‘Featured‘ and ‘Debate‘ films on the BA 2012 website, demonstrates that they have a real sense of craft, technique and rigour – whatever their discipline or inspiration.

Shireeka Devlin. BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology (Surface Textiles)
Their work reflects the dedication, hard work, experience and enthusiasm of staff – as well as their talent and the support and investment that they have had from family and friends. This year the models for the catwalk show will have all been street cast with their hair and make up done by our styling students. The venue for the fashion show at Hackney House – which has been created as part of Hackney’s support for the Olympics – is the perfect venue to celebrate their “magnificent diversity and personal creativity“ – I expect the whole event to be a riot of colour, form and texture.