BA Season 2012 – The Artwork

We have recently sent out our invitations to the BA Show Season.
What’s really exciting about this are the ideas behind the visuals developed by our talented staff here at LCF. Rob Phillips, Creative Director for the School of Design & Technology formulated the design brief. Our resident Graphic Designer David Hardy then worked with the key points: man, machine, nature and space. One of the requirements was to work with a hand painted font.

“Mistakes are at the very base of human thought, embedded there, feeding the structure like root modules. If we were not provided with the knack of being wrong, we would never get anything useful done….We are built to make mistakes, coded for error…What is needed, for progress to be made, is the move based on error.”

Thomas, L Cited Robertson, 1987
The nature of computer based fonts is that they will be uniform, but as humans we make mistakes. There is a beauty within human error and we have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons through the mistakes we make. With this in mind the team decided to approach the brief from a hand crafted perspective. The aim was to convey through the work a sense of boundless inspiration with notions of craft, confidence, risk and humanity.

Fashion design has never been and never will be simply about clothes. This it at the heart of everything we do at LCF.