A student perspective on #LCFBA15

As well as opening the London College of Fashion BA15 catwalk show, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery final year student Nathalie Ballout has also been awarded the prestigious People’s Choice #DiversityNOW prize, in collaboration with i-D magazine and All Walks Beyond The Catwalk. BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism student Grace Molan chatted to Nathalie about her whirlwind last few weeks and her time studying at LCF.
Nathalie Ballout’s work on the BA15 catwalk. Photography: Anders Birger.
Grace Molan: Describe the inspiration behind your graduate show, what influenced your designs?
Nathalie Ballout: I like to source inspiration from everywhere. The biggest inspiration for my collection came from wires- I’m obsessed with wires! I notice them everywhere and see the beauty in them whilst others can not. I wanted to create a collection of worn installations that would raise awareness of the global issue of energy poverty where the wires would represent a decentralised world, free of rule and structure. When creating the worn installations, I kept the strict rules I would follow to a minimum. I wanted to destroy old ideas of clothing and I wanted to redefine the idea of fashion. The pieces show processes of nature that are both destructive and reconstructive.
GM: How do you feel knowing that you have opened the LCF catwalk show and have also been awarded the iD magazine people’s choice award #DiversityNOW?
NB: It feels amazing and almost surreal! I am overwhelmed with such honour and humbled to have been the first thing for everyone to experience amongst all the other astonishing collections.
Nathalie’s winning image for #DiversityNOW. Photography Ruari Meehan, model John Somerville.
GM: How have you found your time at LCF? How has it helped you get where you are today?
NB: I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at LCF, I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable university experience. I have made friends for life and taken away more than I could have ever imagined!
GM: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to other design students at LCF?
NB: Make the most of every second at LCF! Take advantage of all weird and wonderful advice and opportunities at your fingertips!
GM: Is there a certain woman that your designs are aimed at?
NB: I don’t think of a specific person or figure while designing my pieces but instead I imagine a world with a different past and therefore a different idea of the present and a different idea of the future. This allows me to think totally outside the box free of common rules and structure.
GM: What has been the highlight from your time at LCF?
NB: That’s a tricky one. If I had to pick just one highlight it would have to be the whole press show journey and experience!
The word on everyone’s lips is that, Nathalie is set to revolutionize the world of fashion. Her enthusiasm is electric and press were wowed by her eye-catching designs at last week’s catwalk show. This girl is one to watch.