A New Silk Road

This week the college will be showing graduates from its MA courses at Victoria House and graduates from its womenswear MA at The Wallace Collection. They are joining an industry that is now represented in all continents. It is an industry that is linked by fashion weeks and fashion cities that criss-cross our world in what I have come to view as a contemporary Silk Road.
LCF Menswear show 2015
London Collections:Men London College of Fashion at the Welsh Chapel February 2015
No longer a network of roads our 21st century Silk Road is linked by airplanes and social media. The Silk Road was always about a sharing and dissemination of political and cultural ideas and ideologies. It enabled and supported cross-cultural contacts to develop and encouraged different cultures to adapt and adopt different styles and influences.
Now fashion is a central component of a modern metropolis. It is a crucial form of urban expression, our contemporary Silk Road of instagram and twitter, fashion shows and films, achieves the same social and cultural integration and transmission that Marco Polo pioneered at a record breaking speed. Its an extraordinary web of influences that our students are entering and its going to be fascinating to see how their ideas, designs, artefacts and creations will spread around the world.
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